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April 22, 2024

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How Technical Translation Can Help Manufacturers

Be it technical manuals, user guides, or MSDS’s; global manufacturers are no strangers to multilingual technical translations. While all Language Service Providers (LSPs) tout fast and accurate translation services, ORCA LS is a leader in technical translations reviewed by subject matter experts (SMEs). SMEs have an extensive base knowledge of technical terms and can pinpoint issues in the source document that may affect understanding when translated to their various target languages. Here are a few instances in which SMEs can benefit from a technical translation project in producing a better end-product for their customers and employees.

User Manuals

Not all user manuals are created equal: engineers write some in a language that makes sense to experts but may be incomprehensible to end-users. Quality technical translation services will relate your project with an SME who is skilled in isolating the intended meaning of a technical user manual and translating the meaning in a clearer and more relevant way for your intended audience.

Typically, this sort of workflow is two-fold. First, the SME reviews your document and makes notes of areas that need to transform the meaning of engineer language to the user language. Then they prepare the translation of this more user-friendly review into the target language.

Technical translation greatly benefits user manuals in three ways: (i) assisting in the use of Simplified Standard English in the source document to produce a more translation-ready text, (ii) supplying engineers with support in producing coherent styling in their user documents to ensure brand consistency, and (iii) using their expert knowledge to find the best fit for the translation of technical terms in your field.


Like user manuals, MSDS can be rife with difficult language that is cumbersome and inconvenient for end-user applications. SMEs can clear up an MSDS's accuracy by fixing grammatical errors and irregularities in the source text but flag the exclusion of key information for the target audience.

While a product’s features may be evident to an engineer who creates the MSDS, an SME can identify all concepts that may require further explanation for proper translation for a user who speaks the target language.

Finally, an SME is skilled in translating any jargon that a user may not readily recognize if translated by a non-subject expert.

Graphics within technical content

Any text within technical art, such as diagrams, graphics, charts, and illustrations, can be especially tricky in user document translation. Professional technical translation ensures fast and accurate strategies for translating such graphics with computer-aided design (CAD) software.

All in all, proper technical translation can help you streamline your ease of use and improve your relationship with multilingual customers, upholding your reputation of excellence.

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