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The language service industry has a history of overcharging customers and underpaying translators for the same one-size-fits-all translation workflow, regardless of project requirements. After years of experience in the localization space, we founded ORCA to pioneer an equitable, customer-centric approach. We balance reduced overhead, custom solutions, and open communication with equitable pay and global stewardship to best serve both our clients and our translators.

  1. Founders grew frustrated with experiences in the gaming localization industry

  2. Launched Turkish Locs, a Single Language Vendor

  3. Expanded services to 90+ languages under the name Global Locs

  4. Renamed LGO Language Services

  5. Established HQ in Seattle, Washington

  6. COVID-19 renders operations 100% remote

  7. Rebranded as ORCA Language Solutions

A story of reinvention

Our journey

Witnessing client and translator exploitation in the language service industry, a former project manager sought to bring about positive change. Enter LGO Language Services, a champion of fair pay and quality. As the pandemic took its toll on the translation sector, we took an introspective dive. How do we best uplift translators, the backbone of the industry, while meeting our clients' needs?

The answer: ORCA LS. Guided by our five unwavering tenets, equitable partnerships pave the way for exceptional service. Learn more below.

Tenets What sets us apart?

Equitable pay

Translators are the backbone of the language services industry, but they have been historically underpaid and overworked. At ORCA, we reject the low-rate translation market and compensate our translators fairly.

Global stewardship

Did you know that 58.8% of web content is in English? That restricts 75% of the world from accessing the wealth of information found online. We plan to help fix that.

Custom Solutions

Translation should not be treated as a one-size-fits-all service. Our team is dedicated (obsessed, some would say) with developing custom procedures to best communicate your message in a timely manner.

Client support

ORCA takes the ambiguity out of language services. If you have a question, we respond promptly. If you need a quote, you can get one in seconds with our Order Portal. When you reach out, we’re here.

Reduced overhead

ORCA was founded with a simple goal: reducing translation costs for customers by cutting down on overhead through sustainable, scalable solutions. We leverage technology and automation tools to broaden the scope of translatable content.
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